Struggling with anxiety? Stressed?
Feeling overwhelm or stuck?
Relax... you are in safe hands

We know what you are going through, and we can help. And you don’t have to wait 10-12 sessions before you start to notice a difference. In some cases the relief will be almost immediate.

We’ll teach you how much control you actually have, and how to stop worry, frustration, self-criticism and overwhelm. We only use Strategic Hypnotherapy, the most advanced leading edge form of hypnotherapy available today. You can rest assured that our empirically-based methods are tried, tested and proven.

Want certainty you will get a result? If you do everything that is asked of you, we guarantee it!


Although many people baulk at online sessions our experience is that they work very well. All you need is headphones, a comfortable sitting position with head support, and some privacy.

No traffic, no parking, no rushing around, and evening sessions as late as 8pm so you don’t have to ask for time off work during this critical time.

It could not be easier.



The therapeutic word is a very mixed bag. Skills and experience coupled with advanced techniques are hard to find. As the therapeutic arm of the Institute of Applied Psychology, you can be assured we have all three elements.


You can book online NOW and your first 20 minutes is obligation FREE. If you decide its not good fit, you can leave no questions asked, no charge


Ultimately we want you to realise just how much control you actually have of your thoughts and feelings. Do everything we ask including any homework or appointments and you will secure an outcome.
We guarantee it.

Why Choose Sydney Hypnotherapist?

Because its the difference that makes the difference. We are the clinical arm of the Institute of Applied Psychology (IAP). According to Dr. William Herfel of Newcastle University. IAP is at the leading edge of psychotherapy in this country, and is the Australian home of Strategic approaches to both Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy. This means advanced individually tailored treatment from an expert in the field.

We don’t need scripts or put you into “a calm blue ocean”. We believe the only longstanding solution is to challenge the way you assess risk, reduce the over analysis, and stop you catastrophizing into the future. Only after you are free of these intrusive thoughts you will be SAFE.

20 Minutes Risk Free

Worried you will show up and we aren’t right for you? The first 20 minutes is absolutely obligation free. If you decide not to stay, then you are free to leave without charge, no questions asked.
It could not be easier or simpler.

Advanced Methods

There are many forms of Hypnotherapy. Some traditional forms have remained unchanged since the 1940’s, and can have less than a 30% success rate. Strategic Hypnosis is virtually new in Australia and is aligned with the most recent evidence based methods available today. Results always vary depending on the individual but our experience is, if you do everything we ask, you should get the outcome you seek.

Guaranteed Results

We guarantee our results. If you complete the treatment plan and have completed all tasks, homework and kept your appointments as discussed with your practitioner, we will guarantee the result with a full refund if necessary.

What You Will Get with Hypnotherapist Sydney

  • The comfort of a treatment plan tailored to you specifically from a leading expert in the field.
  • The security that all of your sessions will be recorded and you will be given a copy for further review and absorption.
  • Access to a dedicated VIMEO CHANNEL with over 180 videos (many of which we have drawn from our training courses) that will teach you how your mind works and how much control you have over it. The more you know, the less you get tripped up!
  • Online booking for your convenience.
  • Easy access city and suburban locations.
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Hi, I’m Gordon Young,
Director of Sydney Hypnotherapists

This is the clinical arm of the
Institute of Applied Psychology
(Registered Training Organisation 70206)

We teach psychologists, counsellors, psychiatrists and
even doctors and anesthetists the most advanced
form of hypnotherapy available in this country.

Our methods are unique.
It is known as Strategic Hypnotherapy.

Each SH team member has a different background.
They might be a psychologist, dietitian, counsellor
or even a former executive, but what unites them is
the Strategic Hypnotherapy Approach,
and their dedication to helping people like you.

Meet The Team


Call and speak to one of our friendly team:
1300 745 486

Want someone to call you back?
Request a callback now.

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Our Guarantee

Your Comfort comes with a 100%
money back guarantee

Seriously, it couldn’t be easier.

Get you full session recordings downloaded directly to your smartphone

Repetition is the mother of skill. You get to amplify the effects of the LIVE Broadcast session by relistening to your recording between visits. In our experience this significantly adds to your capacity to absorb key messages and skills.

“Knowledge is not power. The application of knowledge is power.”

If you cannot use what we share in the real world, there is no value to it.

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“I think Strategic Psychotherapy and the Gordian Pillars as taught by Gordon Young at the institute is the next big thing in psychotherapy”

Dr. William Herfel

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