Hypnotherapy for Depression

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Hypnotherapy for Depression



The therapeutic word is a very mixed bag. Skills and experience coupled with advanced techniques are hard to find. As the therapeutic arm of the Institute of Applied Psychology, you can be assured we have all three elements.


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Ultimately we want you to realise just how much control you actually have of your thoughts and feelings. Do everything we ask including any homework or appointments and you will secure an outcome.
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If you are struggling with depression then you will already understand that it is a challenging and sometimes debilitating condition. However, the good news is that our form of hypnotherapy is solution orientated when it comes to the treatment of depression.



If you have been struggling with depressive episodes for some time one of our key messages is that it is not you, it is a pattern and a set of cognitive distortions that you have learnt along the way. You are not pathetic, you are not useless, you are not helpless, and the situation is far from hopeless or permanent. We understand depression in a way that most therapists do not.

Research since 2006 has suggested the argument that depression is due to a chemical imbalance  has been overstated. Irving Kirsch from the Harvard School of Medicine at his placebo studies was probably the first researcher to expose the misconception the depression is a chemical or biological issue. Others have followed and in the USA things are definitely changing.

One of the most debilitating affects of the biological argument is that sufferers were given a tablet but often not addressing many of the factors that made them prone to depression. A drug can’t help you change your attitude to the world. A drug can’t help you develop social skills or a more optimistic viewpoint. The drug also can’t change the way you view yourself or beliefs that don’t serve you.

In the absence of good psychotherapy a drug can certainly take the edge off but we would suggest this should be a short-term treatment option unless you are in a culture or region where you do not have access to therapeutic intervention.



If you are depressed we already know a lot about you. We know that you tend to ruminate excessively, particularly about the past. We know that you feel like you’re out of control a good deal of the time, have trouble sleeping and find it difficult to motivate yourself – there are things you know you should do but it all seems too hard or you simply don’t feel like it.

We know you’re probably also struggling with anxiety, which is typically comorbid with depression, preventing you from trying something different or putting yourself in situations that would be good for you but may prove to be awkward or challenging. You may have already isolated yourself so completely that you feel like there is nobody to talk to, or that you are burdensome and more trouble than it is worth. You are also likely to be prone to all or nothing thinking, which is sometimes referred to as dichotomous thinking, which means even the smallest setback gets perceived as a major failure.

We would not be surprised if you lean towards perfectionism or a high need for control which makes you all the more prone to this condition. Unfortunately we know from the research that when you get into these states you tend to be avoidant and are easily dissuaded from taking the appropriate action. Your search for a therapist is even more challenging.


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